Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing sells more

It takes more than just dumb luck to get a top Google ranking. It requires major marketing efforts, both on your website or store and beyond. Because on-page and off-page optimisation go hand in hand, the easiest option is to have Invato take care of both.

Boost your Google ranking with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation consists of three steps: carrying out research, implementing improvements and measuring results. This is an on-going process, because the world of online marketing never stands still. Invato works closely with SEO specialists who will share their expert advice every step of hte way. Together, we will boost your Google ranking.

Even better visibility with SEA

Whereas SEO is a length process, SEA is great for quick wins. Putting up ads in search engines, such as Google and Bing, and marketplaces like Google Shopping, Kieskeurig and can help you reach a much wider audience. The ad auction process and complex concepts and abbreviations such as CPC and CTR can be overwhelming, which is why it is wise to outsource SEA. Quickly increase traffic to your new website or online store and boost your sales!

Broaden your network with link building

Placing links to your website on other, relevant websites is a great way to organically expand your network. New potential visitors will get to know your company and click to your site. On top of that, link building increases your site or store’s ‘quality score’, one of the parameters that determine your ranking. Invato will happily track down and get in touch with suitable websites on your behalf.

“Online marketing isn’t something you just do on the side, so working with a specialist can help you make tremendous progress!”

Maikel van Bergen, Developer


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