Worry-free hosting

Good hosting has one key feature: you never have to worry about it. All it has to do is work silently in the background, period. Invato has been working with reliable partners for web hosting, e-mail hosting and domain registration for many years. To make matters even more convenient, we’ll stay your single point of contact and arrange everything.

Domain registration

The domain is the ‘address’ where your new web application will reside. With your own domain, you’ll radiate professionalism and be easier to remember. Invato can register more than 1,100 extensions for competitive rates, including .nl, .eu, .shop, and so on. All it takes is a few clicks! Please get in touch for more information.

E-mail hosting

The same goes for e-mail: using your own domain name instils much more trust than a generic outlook or gmail address. Invato will take everything off your hands, from assessing your current e-mail solution and supporting the migration process to the complete setup of your new environment. Our partner Rackspace is the market leader in e-mail processing. The benefits? A 25GB mailbox, send attachments up to 50MB, premium anti-spam features and access from all devices.

Servers, shared or dedicated

A shared server is an excellent choice for most web applications, as it’s easy and inexpensive. If necessary, though, we can also set up a dedicated server for you. We provide hosting services together with our reliable partner, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, 24/7 data monitoring, ISO certification, servers in the Netherlands and everything you need for optimum security. Invato will set up the server for you and take care of all maintenance and servicing.


If you have Invato develop your website, store or application, we’ll always host it for you. But if you’re only looking for someone to take domain, server and/or e-mail management off your hands, we’re also the place to be. Please contact our hosting specialist for more information.


Let IT work for you!
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