Appealing content

Beautiful websites or online stores are nothing without appealing content. Professional photography, video, animations and copy will add to your site’s personality, setting it apart from your online competition. With good content, you’ll be easier to find with search engines, visitors will stay for longer and they’ll even be more likely to contact you. Invato and its partners are happy to help.

Distinctive photography

What’s more appealing; an unnatural stock photo with perfect faces or real people in real-life situations? Having your own, unique images inspires so much more faith than photos you found online. Show your customers exactly who they’re dealing with and how your products and services are used in practice. Professional photography is a worthwhile investment: your new website will benefit, and your leaflets, fair stands and social media will become significantly more personal.

Video says more

Not everyone likes to read. If you have a lot to say, alternate between copy and videos. Take a company video, product video, how-to video or post-event video, for example. Short, bite-sized videos get visitors to spend more time on a page, and you can also share them via social media or other channels. Invato is happy to help you explore how to best use video

Explain it with an animation

Animated videos are a great way to explain complex topics, such as how your products are made or how processes work. Animated figures, icons and other colourful elements can tell your story in an easy, step-by-step fashion. A playful and modern way to dress up your website.

Copy says it all

Writing for the web is a skill of its own and copy is partially responsible for your Google rank. Visitors are in a hurry and tend to mainly scan headings. How can you capture their attention? Titles, headers, paragraphs, buttons, alt texts, length, complexity and tone of voice are all matters to be considered, and you can be sure that our professional copywriters will do just that.

Content with your content

Technology and content reinforce each other. So going to a one-stop shop with one point of contact is hardly a bad idea. Invato will connect your to photo, video and copy specialists. Send us a message to discover the possibilities.


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